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Independent heater

Heater is a heating device using the heat generated by burning diesel oil for heating of air, while its heating capacity can be regulated continuously. Apart from the heater itself the set comprises the following components allowing its right function: an electric pump, a cable harness, an intake silencer, an exhaust and parts necessary for installation in the vehicle.

The electric installation is for 12/24V. Main parts of the heater are: an aluminum heat exchanger, a combustion chamber, an electric motor with fans for both heated air and combustion air, a housing, a rotation sensor, a flame indicator, an overheat thermostat, a glow plug and a control device with an output air sensor.

A timer/clock switch that is not included in the heater set controls the heater. It is necessary to order t it extra.

Heating capacity - maximum 1900 W + 5%
Heating capacity - minimum  900 W + 5%
Rated voltage 12 V / 24V
Operating voltage range - 12V 10,5 V - 15V
Operating voltage range - 24V 21V - 30V
Power consumption - on start max. 100W
Power consumption - during operation max. 35W
Fuel Diesel oil, light fuel oil, and bio-oil
Fuel consumption - at maximum capacity 0,22 l/hod + 3%
Fuel consumption - at minimum capacity 0,10 l/hod + 3%
Adjustable temperature range at the heated room 15 °C - 30 °C
Capacity regulation automatic, continuously adjustable from min. to max.
Control Manual control
Ambient operating temperature -40 °C až +65°C

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